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Landscaping and Lawncare businesses

Social media is no longer an option for your landscaping and lawn care business. Having a lot of followers and page likes has a significant impact on your company's visibility on the social web and in search results on Google. Your social media presence can deliver more engagement, more shares and more comments that will deliver leads and sales to your company's business. However, many business owners don't know how or don't know who can deliver a quick and easy way to start generating page likes and followers. Stop taking years to develop a Facebook following through traditional word-of-mouth tactics to establish your company on the social web! Start growing your Facebook following today for only $19.

7 simple features that get you growing on Facebook..

Growing your Facebook profile is simple with these 7 features. We can deliver Facebook likes and followers through paid advertising campaigns on Facebook. With minor revisions to your Facebook page, a 15-minute consulting session, you can start getting new likes and followers on your Facebook profile within hours.


Do I have to be local to work with you?

No. We work with landscaping and lawn care companies throughout the U.S. and Canada through video conference, phone calls, and email.

How does this Facebook marketing campaign work?

Facebook Advertising. Find and select the marketing package you want.Fill out any info required. This is usually just a link to the Fan Page you want to promote.Click the “Order Now” button.Make a payment via PayPal. If you don’t have an active PayPal account, you can pay with a credit card through PayPal without signing up for an account. After you have successfully paid in full, you will receive an email sent to your paypal email you used to place the order. The email will also contain more information about your order.

Our product is priced to be affordable, so we don't give any discounts. We already offer our product at a competitive price. Monarch & Company is delighted to offer free consulting and discovery sessions to take your marketing efforts to new heights.

What are the real benefits one might see after they order?

For example, if you have only 32 Fb fan page likes, you will not seem very popular to the next person that lands on your page. This will result in low trust and low sales, but the benefits don’t stop there: if you have very few likes, your fan page will also have a hard time ranking in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and even Fb search itself. This means very few people will be able to find your fan page at all, let alone know whether or not it has a lot of likes.This goes for all social media marketing services, not just Fb likes. Your customers want to see popularity. They want to know that they are not the only one buying your product. If they see that 5,000 people like what you do, it’s probably safe to say they are going to trust your company and want to learn more.

Can I order multiple marketing packages?

Absolutely! We encourage you to order other services if you want the maximum exposure. We recommend promoting your FB photos and your company website as well with FB likes. Don’t forget YouTube and Instagram as they are getting just as big as the other social networks. We already offering Instagram, Youtube, Soundcloud and Tiktok services other than Facebook. Pump life blood into your business with new followers and likes so you can grow your business online!
Update your social media profile, finding  Setting up the platform for grow, but it doesn't include the monthly maintenance to grow the page, which give the page the ability to attract leads and sales. The kick-start plan can be used to enrich the social media profile of the small business owner. It is incomplete because it doesn't offer monthly maintenance.

How will Facebook increase my company sales?

We accept online payments through Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. If you don't have a credit card, we accept checks, PayPal (you must have a PayPal account), and wire transfers. To arrange offline payments, or if you have any questions, please contact our sales team.

I don't have a Facebook page for my company. Can you help setup our page?

How many profiles can I setup under the Social Kick-Start? How many profiles can I setup under the Social Kick-Start. During this time we found that our smallest customers accounted for a significant amount of our support resources. We have changed our pricing structure so that we can better meet the needs of all our customers.


Seasonal Concepts

“In looking to enhance our marketing strategy for Seasonal Concepts, I interviewed and received multiple proposals from companies that had some great ideas on how to take my business to the next level. The proposal and the process that stood out most to me was from Monarch & Company.

My previous vendors had a tough time understanding our target market and how to get the message out in the most efficient way. Francesca worked with me to dive into our company, our history, our goals and create a marketing strategy that has received an incredible amount of response, inquiries and traffic, more past customers coming back, all leading to more sales!!

Most importantly she has become a partner in our mission.”

- Tony Sindt, President

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