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How to Generate Facebook Likes for Business Scalability

In this era of digital and social media marketing, honing in facebook likes could mean a whole lot for your business not just in scaling up the number of people that can see your page but also with injecting credibility to what you do.

Since perception is key in business, a strong showing in facebook likes and social media management generally, would go a long way in engendering confidence in potential clients as well as ensuring that many people get to know what you do through facebook ads. With facebook ads, you have the potential to reaching around billions of people worldwide and only a small percentage of those people have to Like your Facebook page for you to get a significant amount of likes to your page.

In this YouTube video, Ben Heath explains how he was able to generate over 80,000+ likes for his Facebook business page and he didn't need to spend 10s of 1000s of dollars to generate that amount of likes. Ben Heath describes how to generate facebook likes using facebook advertising in some form and explains the three levels or stages to approaching this task.

Creating a Facebook Like Campaign

A Facebook Like campaign is really inexpensive, quite unlike the conventional offline advertising. To set up your like campaign, the first step is to go to facebook ad manager and click on the black arrow that you would see at the top of your screen.

This will show you prompts like create advert or manage advert, click on this and answer the prompts and details as requested. If you follow the prompts, you will end up with something that looks like a spreadsheet. At the top left corner of this spreadsheet-like display is a green +create button icon, click this and it will take you to the three levels of facebook ad campaign – the create new campaign level, new adset level and ad level.

Create A New Campaign

There isn’t much work for you to do in creating a new campaign and while there might be a bunch of boxes and prompts, the necessary ones you need to look at are the objectives, change this from traffic to page likes.

This will lead you to more details including campaign budgets etc., there is really no need to fill these. Upon filling in the ones you want, click on “save as draft” and you are good to go

The Budget and Targeting

For the adset level, fill in the details prompted by the boxes as you determine. The necessary columns includes those of daily budget, the countries and areas you are advertising etc.

The choice of areas you intend to reach with your ad should be as broad as possible. In this video, Ben Heath advises against ads that target your local area where your physical presence actually reaches, thus even though you might want to focus on your direct potential customers, using them as a basis for your facebook ads will not help you achieve the desired volume of facebook likes. You need massive audiences and a decent volume of facebook likes, especially if you are building a facebook group.

To extend the breadth of your reach then, you need to remove the country that facebook is suggesting and instead input worldwide. This has the potential of giving you 600 to 1700 facebook likes a day at little cost because you can take benefit of likes from low cost places like Africa and Asia. If you want a more targeted area to generate likes, you can select and fill in the ad area boxes as much as you want with areas that you target. The downside with targeting areas is that it might cost you more with lesser reach and returns. However, you can be assured that every new like you get would be a new addition as Facebook excludes those who already liked your page from those it sends the ad. The ad will appear on mobile and desktop newsfeed of facebook. 

You can leave every other information prompts and request.

The Ad Set

For a Like Campaign, the ad level copies your facebook page profile. You cannot for instance change ‘the headline’ which is the name of your facebook page. Also, the profile description is taken from the first section of the about content on your facebook profile.

Heath advises changing the first section of your facebook about profile if you do not like what is displayed on your ad. You cannot also change the call to action suggestion which is “facebook likes” nor should you be wanting to change it! Also, your profile picture is what is displayed but you can change this, yaay, something you can change at last! Heath advises using a picture that relates or immediately communicates to your audience what you are about instead of your personal picture. Use something that is related to your advert focus, your product, office building etc.

To replace a profile picture with a stock image, click on the picture, choose stock photos and select one that is descriptive of your business. Take time to choose a picture that is eye catching, grabs attention and aptly describes what you do; click continue upon choosing and it will load, with facebook cropping it to the required size. You can also tinker with the automatically cropped photo.

Next thing to work on is primary text, here tell people what they will learn or get or simply why they should follow your page. See this as an elevator pitch explaining what one should expect from liking and most importantly receiving your posts. It should be apt, succinct and far away from boring. Keep it focused on benefits, simple and short, typically one liners like “Learn how to generate low cost leads and sales with facebook advertising” or “See our xyz (beautiful range of Italian leather shoes) etc.” Heath advises. 

Having filled that, you’re are good to go. Click publish and facebook will take about 30 seconds to verify and with that you can generate thousands of likes. Check from time to time how your page is performing and make adjustments as needed.

Written by:

Francesca Hindmon

Francesca Hindmon is the President and Founder of Monarch & Company, a digital marketing and cloud technology agency based in Chicago that specializes in business process transformation.

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