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Why It’s Important To Upload Your Landscaping Project Photos To Yelp

Imagine you’ve just signed up for a dating app and are completing your profile. You’ve taken the time to upload photos that let people see the best sides of you.

Imagine you’ve just signed up for a dating app and are completing your profile. You’ve taken the time to upload photos that let people see the best sides of you. Maybe you chose a photo of you with your family, a picture with your closest friends, and a photo with your adorable pet (get those brownie points!).

You receive messages from two potential matches. One has a great profile with awesome pictures. The other doesn’t have any photos.

Who are you’re going to respond to?

Think about it, would you accept a photo-less friend request, choose a pictureless vacation property, or buy clothes online without seeing them first?

Probably not. Great photos are so important!

You really want to see high-quality images that look enticing. You don’t want grainy, blurry closeups; incorrectly sized pictures; or dark, poorly lit images. Photos help attract customers and keep them engaged with your business.

When thinking about your brand online, whether it’s for a review site or social media, people make decisions based on what they see. Whether the search is for lawn care, hardscaping, softscaping or even snow removal, photos are a differentiating factor.

Photos help build trust, help people get  to  know you, and help people start to like you. As a landscaping contractor, there is no limit to the number of great photos you can upload to your Yelp page. Let’s walk through why great photos are so important.

The top 3 reasons to add great photos to your Yelp Page

1. Your potential customers want to know the real you

Your business has a lot of moving parts—all of which are unique reflections of you. Whether it’s the decor of your storefront, the team you surround yourself with, or community service initiatives you support— there is more to your business than meets the eye. Photos can help highlight all aspects of your  business and paint a full picture for customers.

That means doing away with stock images and photos of your logo. Instead, opt for pictures that shine a light on why your business is such a great one. These photos don’t need to be professionally done. Camera phones are like a mini photo studio in your pocket, pictures you take with you phone will do the trick!

2. It helps point consumers to your specific services

One of the most common problems you hear across industries is looking for the “right” customer. If you’re a contractor, maybe you only do commercial work, and as an exterminator you might have a bed bug specialty.

Posting photos that accurately depict your services, allows consumers to make educated decisions when they need your help. By captioning your photos, you can specifically describe what you do.

For example, if you’re a Landscaping company that prefers residential work rather than commercial work, you can flood your page with beautiful pictures of residential properties and pair that with a caption like, “Specializing in residential hardscaping and lawn care, contact us today!” Captions can create an opportunity to encourage that final decision.

3. More photos = more revenue

A picture is worth 1,000 words… what if it was worth $1,000? Photos entice potential customers visually and emotionally.

Imagine you’re craving a milkshake. You go to Yelp, do a search, find a great business with a mouthwatering photo of a milkshake. What happens next? You run to that milkshake as fast as humanly possible, of course.

People searching on Yelp spend almost triple the amount of time on a business page with photos, as opposed to one without. The longer they spend on your page, the more likely they are to spend money with your business.

Yelp data shows that on average, businesses with more than 10 photos on their page get 12x more customer connections per month. That means more directions mapped to your business, more calls and more people clicking to your website. Let your photos do the selling for you.

How to add photos to your Yelp Page

How to upload photos from

  1. Go to your Business Owner’s Account and log-in
  2. Go to the Photos & Videos section of Yelp for Business Owners
  3. Click Upload Photos

From there you can select photos to upload to your business page. The image dimensions should be smaller than 5000 x 5000px.

How to upload photos from the Yelp for Business Owners App:

  1. Tap the Activity icon in the menu at the bottom of the screen to open the Activity tab
  2. Tap on Photos & Videos
  3. Tap the camera icon that says Add Photo
  4. Either take a new photo by tapping Take Photo or select one from your library (to upload from your library, Yelp will need access to your photos and videos)
  5. View the preview and select Next if you approve
  6. Add a caption and tap Save to finish

You now know the why behind having great photos and how to upload them. So let’s take this back to the beginning. Imagine that dating profile is actually your Yelp business page. Consumers are looking for a great local business and Yelp is the matchmaker. The next step to making sure they choose you is simple. Snap some great photos and visit to upload them today!

Written by:

Max Braverman

Max Braverman is a Social Media Success Consultant for Monarch & Company. With a background in photography, Max delivers a special eye to the photos used to market your business.

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