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Why do Followers and Likes matter in the first place???

Facebook Likes are a form of social proof. Having more followers on your page gives you a boost in your organic reach, and makes you more credible online. Having a Facebook Page with Likes becomes essential to your Social Media presence.

Why do Facebook Likes matter in the first place??? How do I Get More Facebook Likes???

These are the two questions we will answer in this article, and show how many business owners in the construction and home service industry have grasped the wrong concept about their social media presence on Facebook.

Facebook Likes are a form of social proof. Having more followers on your page gives you a boost in your organic reach, and makes you more credible online. 

After a quick google search about Facebook Likes, I found many articles and videos that are misdirecting the business owners of the Construction Industry. Many consumer based industries have dramatically different marketing strategies compared to those industries that are more focused on commercial and residential work. In turn, general information about building a Facebook page can become so misdirected, that once you implement the strategy, you feel like you fell for a BIG FATT LIE!!!

So I read the first 10 articles on Google to gather an opinion, specifically for the construction industry. 

The article below promotes their product in finding better content and creating more engaged posts. 

Post Planner › get-more-likes-fa...Web resultsHere's How to Get More Likes on Facebook in 2020 (and Reach Millions) - Post Planner

The article below talks about inviting people who have engaged with your content to Like your page. They use a more advanced strategy to acquire post likes, and then they invite people to like their page.

Below is a fabulous article about various ways to develop a rich and engaging Facebook page that will attract Facebook Fans and Likes over time. The article suggests a lot of time invest, as a business owner. Time that may or may not deliver fast results. For Fast results, click here

This is the first article that I found that speaks about getting Facebook Likes through paid advertising. HubSpot is a leading international CRM brand, and is the first article that would construction company owners on a correct direction to reach their goal quickly: To Get more Likes on Facebook

All of the previous articles talk about content, posting times, and many other very solid tips for creating rich and engaging posts with content. Mostly all of them condemn paying for likes, which makes many readers believe the only way to increase page likes is through hard work over a very long period of time. 

Today, I am here to inform you of another way.

If you could pay a quarter or even just a penny for Facebook Likes. Would you?? If you set a goal to get 500 Likes by the end of the month, would you set aside a budget of $100 to achieve your goal??? Of course, you would!! It’s quick, it’s easy, and it gets the job done.

Here are screenshots of campaigns that we ran for a local landscaping company where the company only paid .20¢ per like and in 2 days increased their page likes by 130. 

You see, if the other blog posts told you about getting likes overnight, the content marketing products they push and workshops they sell for $47 wouldn’t convert. At Monarch & Company, your growth is our focus. So, we want you to know what really works and what can take your business to the next level. We want to empower you to grow your business, and achieve your goals. By focusing on your goals, our goals are automatically met and we move the ball TOGETHER!!

I’ll be honest, we are not going to reveal our business practices and methods, instead, we will just do it for you. See how easy it is to just purchase likes on Facebook

I want to leave you with this final thought! Think about a company with Facebook likes and another company without likes. Consumers on Facebook may overlook the page without likes and begin vetting the company with more likes, and if that company qualifies, that potential customer will become a customer of the company with more likes.

Oftentimes, as a business owner, hiring a Social Media Manager is a good option. Finding a qualified candidate to fill in the gap between your traditional marketing efforts and your sales team. This is a great idea! And, we have created a How To Guide for Hiring the Right Social Media Manager in the Construction Industry.  

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our Social Media Experts at Monarch & Company. We look forward to working with you and always remember, our mission is your growth!

Written by:

Max Braverman

Max Braverman is a Social Media Success Consultant for Monarch & Company. With a background in photography, Max delivers a special eye to the photos used to market your business.

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